Topic outline

  • Introduction

    Spotfire Delta Training (v5.0 to v5.5)

    Welcome to this training experience. This 'delta' training experience is specifically designed for those individuals who are already familiar with all of the features of TIBCO Spotfire Professional version 5.0 and need to be quickly brought up-to-speed on the new features available in TIBCO Spotfire Professional version 5.5. 

    Note that this is not intended to be a complete or comprehensive training course - so please use the resources in the bottom section if you wish to learn more about our available training offerings.

  • Prepare for Training

    Download the following checklist of new features and a zip file containing examples used in the video below.  You can follow-along with each demonstration, and check off items as you gain familiarity with each of the new features available in TIBCO Spotfire v5.5.

  • Training: New Features Walkthrough

    This video is organized into specific topics according to the 'Checklist of new features' you dowloaded.  Many of the topics present a demonstration which shows you how to implement the new feature.  You can open each example (from the zip archive you downloaded) in TIBCO Spotfire and follow-along as the instructor shows you each new feature in TIBCO Spotfire Professional version 5.5.

  • Other Training Resources

    If you found this course to be useful, consider what else Spotfire Training might offer that could help you and your organization make more out of your application of TIBCO Spotfire.