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    This guide will help you get the most out of the training portal. Each topic below covers a different component of these online learning resources, and provides direction toward making the most out of your Spotfire training experience.

    • FREE Training

      Take full advantage of the free training courses which are available in the Spotfire Learning Network. These courses are video-based eLearning experiences which frequently include hands-on examples. Free courses are available to help you:

      Even if you opt to purchase training, these FREE training resources will serve as a valuable orientation and ongoing reference to Spotfire capabilities.

       FREE Access complete list of free training courses

      • Purchase a course - get access to an Instructor

        You may take Spotfire training using one of two approaches:

        MOT Mentored Online Training - combines online training materials with access to an instructor via web meeting technology

        Classroom Instructor-led Classroom Training - online materials are available following a classroom training experience

        In either case, purchased courses combine self-service online learning with access to an instructor to address your questions and facilitate your understanding of how to apply Spotfire capabilities.

        • Q & A Forums

          Each purchased course includes a forum where you can submit your questions for consideration by Spotfire instructors and fellow students. These forums are monitored by our global team of professional instructors regularly, but you can also expect answers from your fellow students. As most questions have more than one answer, posting them here will allow you to hear different points of view and share in a socially collaborative learning environment. 

          • Video Lessons

            Video lessons represent the bulk of the time you will spend with the online learning materials. However, you will not simply sit passively and watch these videos. While the videos do include some slides which are useful for explaining concepts and giving each course structure, the majority of the video time is spent conducting demonstrations. You will be instructed to download the examples used in these demonstrations and follow-along as the video instructor shows you how to perform analysis activities in Spotfire. 

          • Exercises and Skills Tests

            Following the video lessons in purchased courses, you will be assigned two types of learning activities:

            • Exercises - these are focused activities which allow you to immediately apply what you have learned in a lesson and check your results
            • Skills Test - this provides a broader opportunity to perform a self-assessment of your knowledge and skills at the end of each course

            You can consider lessons, exercises, and skills test as a staircase toward the ultimate goal of analyzing your own data. With each step, the challenge is greater - but paced to be aligned with your assimilation of this comprehensive analytical solution.

            • Bootcamp Training

              Building upon the Mentored online training approach for delivering individual courses, Bootcamp Training has the advantage of packaging multiple courses with additional content, directed toward providing a comprehensive training solution for a specific user role. Bootcamp training is the best approach to train Spotfire authors. Instead of one web meeting, there are a half-dozen opportunities to interact with the Spotfire instructor - an orientation session, four structured 2-hr webinars, and a one-to-one session with the instructor. These online meetings are scheduled over a period of approximately 8 weeks, and between each of these meetings students are given assignments to work through specific sections of the online materials. In this way, the experience is very much like a university course, where the student is held accountable for progress toward specific milestones.

              Bootcamp Bootcamp training approach

              The scope of the bootcamp is much greater than an individual course. Just to give you an appreciation for the magnitude of this training endeavor, consider that the online materials alone for the author bootcamp include over 24 hours of video lessons and demonstrations, 100 follow-along example files, 39 exercise files, 13 industry-specific application demonstrations, and 9 self-assessment quizzes & skills tests. In addition, the bootcamp learning experience concludes with a knowledge assessment. 

              A similar bootcamp-style learning experience is also available for the Spotfire Developer user role.

              • Knowledge Assessment

                The Author Knowledge Assessment exam is a unique approach to assessing your skills in applying TIBCO Spotfire Professional toward data analysis. The exam is a series of questions which tests all aspects of Spotfire knowledge. There are some basic questions which focus upon Spotfire-specific vocabulary and functionality, some questions which require you to test your ability to navigate through the Spotfire user-interface, and some questions that immerse you into an example scenario and test your ability to use Spotfire to answer analytical questions.  The test is 60 questions and a 4 hour time limit is provided. 

                • Contact Us

                  If you have a question, experience an issue with these online materials, or want to purchase a course - you can contact us at: