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This content is intended as a resource for those who are already familiar with the general capabilities of the TIBCO Spotfire Analyst analysis environment.  Information on specific topics is related in three modalities:

  • READ text and images which are organized on 1, 2, or 3 pages in an effort to quickly relate the details of the topic

  • WATCH a video demonstration which shows how the topic is implemented in the TIBCO Spotfire Analyst environment

  • EXPERIENCE an example which you can use to follow-along with the analysis steps related in the video demonstration

  • EXPLORE a list of links to other topics which relate to topic being viewed or present the topic as it appeared in previous versions

These courses are offered free of charge.

This page lists content which previously appeared in the What's New section of the main page.  Content is organized into Courses and Quick Reference Topics, and is presented chronologically from bottom (oldest) to top (newest) in each section.